How to Build A Kayak Rack (Wooden Outdoors) A Step By Step Guide

Building a Kayak Rack using Wood is an uncomplicated and efficacious blend to the exterior boat storehouse. This handmade Kayak Rack Design demands a specific number of materials and can be constructed within the bounds of one or a maximum of 3 days.

If you are interested to know more about how to construct a wood kayak rack, you have to skim through this article till the end to get the best idea of it. You can also design them in a way that can store three kayaks and benefit you with a lot of your time being saved. The size adjustment is pretty easy too so you can put up the kayak easily. This process is authentic and you would be glad to know that it is also pocket friendly.

If you are doing it for long time use, we recommend you to buy the most high-quality products since it is supposed to be outside and it has to face every kind of weather whether it is rainy or snowy. Buy materials like pinewood, cedar, or redwood, in short, try your best to make it high-quality enough so you do not have to face any costly mistakes in the future. Furthermore, paint it so it looks good because it is important that you present it fine too.

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How to Build A Kayak Rack (Wooden)

How To Build A Kayak Rack

We will be explaining everything step by step with instructions.

Step 1 (Making Your Site & Setting The Poles)

how to build a kayak rack

Firstly, you have to mark the site where you are going to construct the kayak.

The formation that you are going to make is patterned to hold on to four (4) kayaks and will be harbored under the ground using two 4″ x 4″, 8ft coercion-treated posts.
Given that the extension arms are joint precisely to these two principal support posts, the part where you get the spacing correct is necessary. Quantify your kayaks to assure that the posts are up to a point enough apart to unburden the cockpit area but won’t obstruct any storehouse section.

You can use 5ft of spacing and that would be good for you.

Step 2 (Grounding The Posts)

Now, you have to bury the posts into the ground.

This is undoubtedly the most difficult part but the most important too as these posts will be the starting point of the whole construction. For the above calculations, you are supposed to be able to dig deep the posts for about 2-1/2′ under the ground and it will hold up to 5 kayaks maximum.

Based on your location and type of soul you might want to utilize a manual post-hole digger or even a tractor to dig deep inside.

Once you dug the holes, you can clean out all of the extra rough dirt and add some tiny stones in the hole you made so it can keep the posts off the dirt around.

Step 3 (Line Up The Posts)

You are now supposed to keep the posts lined up and straight.

To manage your posts in one line, use two (2) long 2 x 4 boards. Beginning with your first post, place a 2 x 4 on one as well as other sides of the post, rushing parallel towards the second post.

These boards will actively take measures to guide to assure that both of the post fronts are in one line. When assured, you can join them to the posts utilizing pressure-treated classified wood screws.

Now, with having both posts set underground and the two 2 x 4 boards flowing across the bottom, the main support of your wooden kayak is pretty much done.

Step 4 (Notches Preparation For Support)

how to build a kayak rack

Now you are onto the preparation of the notches for the support arm.

For your build, you have to trim joint mortise pockets under the erect polls alternately of just fastening the arms exactly onto the poll-face.

Meanwhile cutting the pockets take a hell lot of work, it will benefit with much more of a hold-up by dispersing the heaviness onto the polls and not on the screws. Additionally, by having the arms sturdily joint within the pocket, it should be put up to the boards from dropping or leaning down below unequal loads.

Step 5 ( Make The Cuts)

how to build a kayak rack

Now that you have taken a lot of measurements it’s time you make cuts.

These are the most important cuts in the whole process, so take your time.

By utilizing the breadth of the board as an escort, you can place one mark on the top of the board and another on the bottom. The center will be detached so your board will fill up this gap accurately.

Set the deepness on your circular saw, make sure it is equal to the thickness of the board and attentively make your bottom and top cuts.

With these cuts, keep on by making a lot of cuts in between them. You can’t disturb this part up, try to just keep trimming layers of wood.

These little layers will then break down and reveal your pocket.

Step 6 (Breaking The Layers)

Now is the time to break the layers

Slowly beat the wood downwards to break the layers. This will snap them light permitting you to easily remove them.

Step 7 (Refining The Ridges)

It is finally time to clean up the notch.

A keen rip-off makes fast work of any major spots left in the case. Utilize the chisel to leisurely detach the unequal crest left behind. This is necessary for a snug fit between the arm and post. End the work with some sandpaper and you have your clean pocket.

Step 8 (Attaching The Support Arms With Screws)

how to build a kayak rack

Now that you have cut all the notches, it is time to tighten the support arms and the posts together.

For screws we recommend you SPAX wood screws, they are easily available on Amazon or any other store nearby you.

Remember that the supporting arms will be resting on these cutouts. The screws have the job to keep the arms from dropping out of notches. All the heaviness of the boats will be held up by your vertical posts. 

These notches will also benefit to balance the arms in case of uneven loading.

Step 9 (Apply Protective Stain)

Last but not the least, it is time to finish the kayak rack.

Now you have to apply a protective wood stain. You can use any you prefer.

Despite the fact that the entire Kayak Rack was constructed out of pressure-treated wood. The wood stain is necessary because it helps to give additional protection and provide a modest look.


how to build a kayak rack

You have your kayak built making it easy for you to store kayaks and keep them off the ground. We know youtube made it look like a big challenge but we are hoping with this article you have finally learned all the steps and it has become easy for you.

To deter kayak theft, use a padlock. (check padlock here)