About Us

Hi, I’m Randy R.Lios and I run Floating Kayaks.

I’ve always been adventuresome at heart. From the time I got my first kayak at age 18 until now when I have multiple kayaks with accessories and spend 5-6 hours researching all the new related stuff in the market. I have always been fond of fishing since my childhood.

I usually work from home, helping people build websites and market their businesses, and even when the workday is done, I can still be found hunting the internet for the next holiday thing to get my hands on. 

Before this site, I used to go to Amazon, inquire about the reviews, and to find the right vessel to buy. Doing that, I saw tons of reviews where it was just clear these people didn’t know much about, still they were writing a review of what was clearly the first kayak they’ve ever purchased and were thrilled about (welcome to the 21st century). 

Don’t get me wrong, I love observing people get involved in outdoor and water sports, but I wanted better reviews and wasn’t satisfied with what I was looking for. 

Who Are We?

Everything you see on ‘Floating Kayaks’, the reviews and the product ratings, is of our own making. We don’t use other’s reviews for any purpose. This is why our content is examined by ourselves using our own means and doing our own research.

Products & Reviews

If you are the owner/creator/part of the company whose product we have reviewed here, and you have some comments  (positive or negative) regarding the reviews on this site, you can let us know and we will happily take your feedback into consideration.

Contact Us

If you would like to talk to us regarding any matter, you can go to the contact page and submit your question.