About Us

Hi, I’m Randy R.Lios and I run Floating Kayaks.

“We have only one motto and that is to help you find the best kayaking gear available out there in the market!”

How It Started

Floating Kayaks started as a side venture for Randy R Lios, who wanted to help fellow anglers find the best kayaking products from multiple brands.

Right after Randy took retirement from his job, it converted into a full-time passion, consisting of information related to kayaking, fishing, and accessories related to the field.

We welcome you here at Floatingkayaks.com! Let’s dig into who we are, how we review different kayaks, accessories, etc., and what are our aims regarding the future as follows:

Who We Are?

Randy, along with his wife, Skyler manages Floating Kayaks which offers valuable information and knowledge to beginners who want to start their kayaking venture.

Apart from Randy and Skyler, we have also got several testers (friends and colleagues of Randy) who often help us out in checking and testing multiple products.

Working with colleagues and chums has allowed us to add a family touch to the website.

Here at Floating Kayaks, you will feel welcomed just as you are at your own home. You’ll be able to explore multiple sections of kayak fishing without any hassle.

How We Review and Test Fishing Kayaks & Related Gear?

The reason we deem ourselves unique and more reliable than other sources is that we take everything about a kayak into account.

Randy, being an old fella in kayaking has the experience of testing out a plethora of fishing kayaks, especially the inflatable ones.

His friends and colleagues also help him out whenever he’s got too much on his plate.

After properly testing and analyzing a specific kayak or any accessory related to it, we take into account the customer feedback to make sure that the discussion remains as unbiased as possible.

We are not here to describe the benefits or manipulate you into purchasing a kayak. No, not at all! We state only facts, and that’s the main reason you will find both advantages as well as some negatives of the kayaks side by side.

In addition to that, we rigorously lookout for the problems that kayakers are currently facing. Once we identify it, a guide is made to solve that issue in the best possible manner.

That’s how we roll with all the reviewing process!

Our Aims

Some of our future aims include:

Making Floating Kayaks More Credible

We are always looking for different ways to make Floating Kayaks as credible and authoritative as possible. For that purpose, we already have a strict vetting formula for jotting down the kayaking products and writing engaging content about them.

Making Floating Kayaks More User-Friendly

Our next ambition is to make Floating Kayaks as user-friendly as possible. We do not want you to get confused as soon as you arrive here.

With an already smooth user interface, we are adamant about keeping our workplace load faster, so that you can quickly explore it without any hassle.

Adding Valuable Content

Of course, we’ve already added valuable content that’s helping out thousands of fellow kayakers.

We want to keep it up to make sure that the fellow anglers find what they are looking for even if it’s contemporary.

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