11 Best Kayaking Gloves 2022 – Paddling Gloves For Summers & Winters

When you’re out on the water, it can be tough to keep your hands protected. This is where the best gloves for kayaking come in handy – A good pair of gloves can make all the difference when handling those pesky paddle shafts. They offer protection for your hands and reduce friction from rubbing against them, so you’ll have a better experience on that cold day out fishing.

Wondering which kayaking gloves to buy? We’ve got you covered to select the best kayaking gloves and our buyer’s guide will help decide what is best for your needs.

best kayaking gloves

6 Best Kayaking Gloves For Summers

KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves – Best Kayaking Glove Overall

KastKing is a fishing tackle company that has been steadily growing in popularity and fame. They’ve won many awards for their ever-increasing list of innovative products, which made us keen to see if they could extend into other areas as well such as sports apparel? I am pleased to say yes.

This summer, get the Sol Armis. It’s KastKing’s top-rated and best-selling glove and for good reason! Designed primarily as an angler but quickly transcending into other outdoor pursuits based on its excellent features – top-of-the-line build quality and all-around ability with a soft feel that you’ll love to use no matter what your activity is this season.

For starters, I’m a great believer in “you get what you pay for”. The Sol Armis is a glove for all-around use that has been built with key factors in mind. The price point and construction are two big selling points, but there’s more than just these basics at work here! Poly Spandex fabric ensures you get the perfect fit combined with flexibility so your hands can move freely without feeling restricted or uncomfortable; plus it prevents wear thanks to reinforcement around palm & finger regions worn against paddles – preventing injury before it happens as well adding extra protection from burning caused by repetitive motion.

I was really excited to try these gloves. I found them more comfortable and effective for me than other Spandex brands, especially in the finger joint area. They look like the perfect mix between protection and comfort. The material is breathable, allowing for moisture to escape easily which will come in handy on hot days when your hands need a break from the heat! The pull tabs make it easy for me to get in and out of my gloves.

I like how its extra-long cuff and SPF 50 materials protect your hands from the sun, and there are plenty of styles (camo) to choose from with bright colors that stand out well against any background.

What We Liked

  • Excellent unrestricted movement  
  • Breathable summer glove
  • Wicking and quick drying
  • Good padding to the palm
  • Fingerless glove
  • Available in many colors


What We Didn’t Like

  • Print seems a little dull
  • Size are limited

There is nothing I don’t like about these kayaking gloves; my only real negative comment was over the quality of their print which seemed dull to me. But that’s just a personal preference and in no way takes away from how happy I am with this product.

NeoSport 3/4 Fingerless Neoprene Gloves

The NeoSport Wetsuits Neoprene Gloves are a great option for water-related activities, with the stretchy Spandex backing and padded synthetic leather palms.

The neoprene kayaking gloves keep your hands warm in cold weather while the breathable palms allow air circulation for a cooling effect. The velcro fastening secures around the wrist to ensure that these lightweight, water-resistant fingerless mittens stay on tight.

What We Liked

  • Best for multipurpose
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect fit

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not 100% waterproof

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The Fishing Tree Fingerless Fishing Gloves – Best For Women & Men

These fingerless gloves are the perfect accessory for any water sports enthusiast. They offer UPF 50 sun protection, making them ideal even during summertime hot spells! The lightweight and flexible membranes provide great grip when fishing or paddling in lakes; they can also be used by biking enthusiasts who want their hands free while balancing on two wheels at high speeds.

The synthetic leather palms on these gloves provide a sure grip, even when your hands are wet. They’re designed to make grabbing hold of anything much easier for people who handle fish or paddle around in lakes and rivers.

The gloves fasten around your wrist with a velcro strap, and they also feature Spandex backs for added stretch. The fabric is quick-drying so you won’t have any trouble dealing with sweat or slush on that hot day at work.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Accurate size
  • Quick-drying


What We Didn’t Like

  • Limited sizes
  • Can get smelly

WindRider Pro Sailing Gloves

The WindRider Pro Sailing Gloves are ¾ finger gloves that will keep your hand cool and dry while still being breathable.

The synthetic Amara leather (which has been proven durable enough during tough times) palm provides added grip and minimal padding, but it still provides you with sensitivity so that your paddle strokes can be felt.

The Mesh Back is a great choice for those who want to stay cool and dry in warmer conditions. They have other features, including the ability to move freely while wearing them as well as an adjustable wrist strap so they don’t slip off during your next adventure.

What We Liked

  • Velcro strap
  • Synthetic leather padded grip
  • Breathable
  • Quick-drying kayak gloves


What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be a little stiff

Overall, Windrider pro is a great choice if you’re looking for inexpensive yet durable gloves for any sort of water sport.

NRS Men’s Boater 

The NRS Men’s Boaters fingerless gloves are the perfect choice for warm weather paddling. They are lightweight gloves with UPF 50 sun protection, you can be sure to avoid any skin damage while out in nature.

The synthetic leather palm provides an enhanced grip on the paddle and makes sure no blisters appear while out there in nature.

The fingerless design of the paddle gloves makes every work easy, from tying ropes to opening your dry bags. The spandex back also keeps your hands comfortable in either gripping a paddle, carrying your kayak, or holding your paddles.

You can easily adjust the tightness of this trusty accessory using the velcro hooks and closure straps.

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What We Liked

  • UV protection
  • Ideal for warm weather
  • Good grip
  • H2Core rashguard back


What We Didn’t Like

  • Some paddlers complained that seam can be uncomfortable

Hyperflex 3/4 Fingerless Gloves

Hyperflex gloves are a must-have for any paddler who is looking to protect their hands while they enjoy the water. They come in many different sizes, so you can find something that fits just right.

The synthetic leather palms provide added comfort and grip on your paddle or canoe oar, while also providing durability over time as well which will keep these fingerless pieces working great every single season of use with no sign of wear.

The gloves come with breathable vented fabric that is comfortable and easy to adjust. The velcro strap on the wrist means you can adjust them accordingly. In addition, the lycra fabric stretch adds to the overall flexibility and of these gloves.

What We Liked

  • Well padded
  • Fabric is stretchable
  • Vented


What We Didn’t Like

  • Size issues

5 Best Kayaking Gloves For Winters

NeoSport Premium Kayak Gloves – Best For Cold Weather

The Neosport Premium Kayaking gloves are the best-selling model because of their high level of warmth and durability. It has plenty to offer those who love cold water. They come in 3mm or 5 mm neoprene to cover all types of weather, with double-stitched seams for added protection against abuse that comes along on your adventures.

If you want to stay warm, it’s important that your gloves are thick enough. The thicker and more insulated a glove gets–the slower movement becomes with reduced dexterity in comparison! If they’re too thin or have holes in them for heat loss then the warmth will not last as long and may make hands cold again faster.

The Neosport premium kayaking glove features pre-formed palms, fingers, and thumbs to ease their strain. This allows for easier gripping on a paddle shaft while still providing a great fit! Thanks in part to silicone grip pads that enhance your ability to hold onto it tightly.

What We Liked

  • Super thick neoprene fabric
  • Full finger design for cold weather
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Comfortable
  • Great quality construction


What We Didn’t Like

  • 5mm thickness hinders fingers movement
  • High thickness reduces paddle feel and control

Glacier Glove Perfect Curve Glove

The Glacier Glove Perfect Curve kayaking gloves are a great option for any beginner who is looking to get started in the winter and cold weather. 

For those who love to paddle in the great outdoors, these special gloves will keep you warm and dry. Made of neoprene with a 2-millimeter fleece lining inside that not only provides extra protection against cold water but also helps prevent blisters on your skin!

They provide natural curves for a more comfortable fit and a wrap-around strap to give you the customized feel of wearing something uniquely tailored.

The full-finger design allows complete freedom; they’re perfect for winter paddling! Well, thanks again for this super soft material which feels amazing as soon as it hits our hands.

What We Liked

  • Great for cold weather
  • Curved fingers design
  • Perfect for cold weather
  • Wrap-around strap


What We Didn’t Like

  • Sizes run large

Nrs Men’s Hydroskin Gloves

These NRS Men’s HydroSkin kayaking Gloves is a great pick to keep your hands warm in colder conditions with a light feel. The full-finger design offers perfect grip and protection from sharp edges on any type of watercraft like kayaks or canoes while the ThermalPlush interior lining does its job by retaining warmth when it gets colder outside.

The 0.5 mm neoprene construction is perfect for providing insulation in winter conditions (not sure about the icy winds).

These gloves feature a water repellent coating on the fabric making sure you stay dry while out on your kayak adventure! Additionally, they’ve added silicone patterns throughout the palm for better grip.

These gloves have a unique design that will make it easier for you when putting them on or taking them off. The cuff of the glove fits snugly around your wrist so there are no worries about dropping anything and they’re also four-way stretchable which makes wearing or taking off this pair comfortable at all times.

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What We Liked

  • Great flexibility for a winter glove
  • Full finger design 
  • Waterproof
  • Thermal lining to keep hands warm


What We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive

BPS Water Gloves

BPS gloves are the perfect solution for winter paddlers looking to keep their hands warm and dry. Made from 3-millimeter neoprene, they have a double lining that provides added durability and keeps your hand warm in cold weather conditions while remaining lightweight.

The palms of the gloves are made from a rubberized material that will help your hands to have a better grip on the paddle and grab ropes. The elastic and velcro wrist straps provide an excellent fit to prevent water intrusion while giving you full control over any activity at hand.

What We Liked

  • Double layered neoprene
  • Rubberized grip
  • Adjustable strap


What We Didn’t Like

  • Grip not as durable as some others on our list

They could be an ideal budget option for any water-related activity in the winter or cold weather such as fishing, diving, and paddleboarding.

XUKER Water Gloves

No matter which water sport you are a fan of, if there is one thing common in all of them, it is the need for the best water gloves. The XUKER Water Gloves are my personal favorite water gloves as they come bearing many benefits that make them a good investment.

The first perk of these water gloves is that they are made from high-quality neoprene, which is loaded with perks. These perks include resistance to tearing, resistance to abrasion, and weather resistant. These gloves are available in different sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your hands perfectly.

In addition to that, another great perk of these kayaking gloves is that they have an ambidextrous design. So, you do not have to worry about wearing it in the ‘right’ hand. Moreover, the closure system of the gloves has been made easy with the addition of Velcro straps.

What We Liked

  • Neoprene construction
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Velcro closure system
  • Available in different sizes


What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not keep hands warm as we expect

If you are looking for the best water gloves that you can use for different water sports, then get your hands on the XUKER Water Gloves. These gloves are made from high-quality neoprene, so do not even worry about them tearing. Moreover, the ambidextrous design and the nifty closure system make them a good investment.

Why Do I Need Kayaking Gloves

Kayaking gloves are unlike traditional gloves, specifically made keeping every paddling aspect in mind. They will tend to be waterproof and protect your hands from the elements. Usually, they have more of a non-slip fabric on the palm side for a better grip on paddles.

Paddling is a great way to enjoy nature, but you need to keep your hands protected. Kayaking gloves will not only help protect against blisters and cold water threats like frostbite, but they can also be useful for staying warm while paddling in wintery conditions or keeping them dry.

Fingerless Or Full Finger Gloves – Which One To Choose

Paddlers who are new to the sport might find it hard deciding which gloves they should get. There is contention between two different types, but ultimately you’ll just have your preference based on what type of paddling conditions and personal style!

Fingerless Or 3/4 Gloves

The fingerless gloves that are similar in style to biker’s hands are a perfect choice for those who want protection, but still, need the use of their fingers. These types can allow you open bags or bottles with ease as well as grab onto things easily without having to worry about getting your hands dirty!

However, this style of protection may not offer the same level of protection and feel as full-fingered ones. In this type, fingers are left uncovered which could cause blisters due to the effects that extreme temperatures can have! This type is better suited for warmer paddling conditions where there isn’t much cold involved.

Full Finger Gloves

Full-finger kayaking gloves are great to keep your hands warm in cold weather and they can help prevent blisters from occurring.

The full-finger design provides better insulation than regular half or quarter-length glove designs for long periods of time in cold water environments.

Full-finger gloves can be a great way to show off your style and protect the hands, but they may not always work for you. Some full-finger styles can be limiting when it comes to handling smaller objects and gadgets.

How to Choose Kayaking Gloves

For those who enjoy kayaking, finding the best gloves can be a real challenge. To help you find the perfect pair, we’ve outlined some important characteristics that will ensure optimal performance in your next adventure.


 It is worth investing in high-quality gloves. The best way to find high-quality gloves is by looking for those made of Spandex, Lycra, or Neoprene. The palms should be padded (while some disagree) and the finger joints reinforced so they can take a beating without ripping apart!

Spandex and Lycra, these gloves are perfect for outdoor activities in warm weather. They offer lightweight sun coverage with padding that can withstand abrasion from paddling without hindering dexterity or comfort on your hands.

The perfect material for cold weather is neoprene. It’s a synthetic rubber and it can be found in wetsuits, which are waterproofed to protect against the elements like ocean spray or fresh water droplets. The spongy quality of this fabric makes your hands feel comfortable under even freezing water temperatures without compromising any insulation from wind chill!

Thicker neoprene can tend to get stiffer. If you want to keep your hands from getting tired, get gloves that are pre-formed for the shape of a hand when it is at rest.

Thicker isn’t always better – A thicker glove is not always better if you’re paddling in warm weather. The extra padding and warmth will make your hands hot in the summertime.

The right thickness of the glove depends on the season and weather temperature. For summer, try going with fingerless gloves that are 1-2mm thick. For winter paddling don’t go thicker than 3mm neoprene as this can make things uncomfortable on cold days.

Always consider what kind of fabric your kayaking gloves are made from when deciding. It’s important that your hands are kept warm and dry. There’s nothing worse than cold wet gloves! The best kayaking gloves material will have breathable fabrics that can quickly dry in case they get wet.


Whether your hands are wet or dry, a kayaking glove’s palm should have some grip on it to keep from dropping all of that expensive gear. If you have a glove that doesn’t fit right, then it can cause problems.

Don’t think that a tight glove will keep you warmer! Subsequently, constricted blood circulation would leave your hands colder.

If you think that maybe a looser glove will help, then it’s not the right choice. Wearing an overly baggy or oversized accessory can cause blisters since there’s more space for friction to build up.

Gloves are sized at the palm, but it’s not just your hands that matter. Make sure you check out all other parts of the glove including wrists, knuckles, and fingers to find a perfect fit for every inch!

Aftercare – Look After Your Gloves

Quality fabric can wear down quickly and synthetic materials especially spandex and lyrica are more susceptible to this than natural ones such as leather or cotton.

Follow these tips to enhance the life of your gloves

  • After use, make sure you rinse off your gloves with baby soap or specialized wetsuit detergent to get rid of any funkiness that may occur from exposure to saltwater. Only rinsing with freshwater can be just as bad for the integrity of synthetics as it causes excessive bacteria growth!
  • Dry them properly – Drying neoprene is a delicate process that requires care and patience. To avoid damaging the fabric dry it in a well-ventilated space without any exposure to direct sunlight. Too fast drying can cause cracking or brittle material; while drying it off slowly allows mold growth.
  • Store your gloves in a cool, dark, and dry place to preserve their quality. UV light will break down synthetics and make them brittle over time if they are exposed too often to the sun’s rays. Store away from direct sunlight as well! Synthetic fabrics will break down if exposed to UV light, causing them to weaken over time and become brittle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear gloves kayaking?

Yes, you should definitely wear gloves while kayaking as they provide a better grip and protect your hands from blisters and blusters. During winters they keep your hands warm.

How do I keep my hands dry while kayaking?

To keep your hands dry while kayaking, you need to use full finger kayaking gloves.

What kind of gloves do you use for kayaking?

For summers, spandex and lycra material gloves are best for kayaking. Whole neoprene-made gloves are the best option for winter paddling.

Summing Up ( Best Kayaking Gloves)

There are so many different options to choose from when it comes time for the best kayaking gloves. For cold weather, there’s a pair that will keep your hands snug and warm; but if you want something with more durability in the hot summer heat they’re also available!

A cold-weather glove will never be the best in the summer heat. Nor, do warm-weather kayaking gloves win any winter award for their performance on a frozen lake or river!

The KastKing Sol Armis gloves are the best kayaking glove I have ever used for their price. The design is great and the materials seem to hold up well under abuse – so much that many of their buyers have nothing but praise for them!