Best Kayak Spray Skirts In 2022 That Will Keep You Dry

A kayak spray skirt is a necessary accessory for every kayaker. Though they may seem like an afterthought, a kayak’s splash protection can make or break your day on the water. Spray skirts keep you and your equipment dry by preventing waves from coming over the side of the boat and flooding in through open hatches.  

They also provide insulation so that sun and cooler temperatures don’t affect you as quickly. No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are with paddling. Our guide will help you discover the best kayak spray skirts and look out for features when choosing your own.

best kayak spray skirts

What Is A Spray Skirt

A spray skirt is a three-sectioned object, each with its own purpose. First, there’s the part that protects you from water while paddling; then there’s another one to shield your cockpit area and keep it dry; lastly, an elastic cord-like portion keeps everything in place when going through rough waters

What Size Kayak Skirt Do I Need

The size of your spray skirt depends on the circumference of your cockpit. The measurement you will need is around the outer rim, and it’s usually not a complicated task.

A sizing guide for spray skirts can help you choose the correct size based on your kayak’s brand and model.

Knowing the waist and midriff measurements will also help you to find a spray skirt that fits well. Many skirts attach at both of these points, but some are worn around your chest instead so it is important to know which one works best for you.

How To Use A Kayak Spray Skirt

Here are the steps you can follow to use your kayak spray skirt.

1) First of all as you step into spray skirt, make sure it reaches the waist level

2) Sit comfortably in your kayak’s cockpit

3) Ensure that your entire cockpit is fully covered by pulling the flaps and hooking them from the back to the front rim of the cockpit.

The neoprene-based spray skirts have cords that make it easy to cover the cockpit. It ensures a seamless removal process as well.

How To Choose The Best Kayak Skirt For You


A spray skirt can be made of a variety of materials, but neoprene and nylon are the most famous. A combination of both could be an option too.

Neoprene spray skirts are thermal insulators. They can keep water out and should help you stay warm in rough conditions. The material is also elastic, so the skirt will be held firmly in place to prevent any leaks while paddling through waves. However, this type of material would not work well with warmer weather because it traps heat inside your kayak which could make you sweat profusely underneath.

Neoprene spray skirts often have terminal ends which are elastic to hold the spray skirt firmly in place over the deck for safety reasons. You will find this useful when paddling during stormy seas or high wind speeds.

A nylon spray skirt ensures a dry cockpit. It’s lightweight, offers ample space when paddling, and lacks the thermal insulating ability of neoprene which makes it ideal for warmer days. However, many are not satisfied with its firm grip on rims of cockpits while going through rough waters.

One type of spray skirt is made from a combination of nylon and neoprene. This particular mix provides the best qualities that both materials have to offer, which makes it quite popular among kayak enthusiasts.


A spray skirt has a rim attachment or rand, that can vary between models. The bungee attachment is usually wrapped around the outside of the cockpit. But even this varies by model.

Some rands are made from rubber and give you a tighter seal; others use neoprene addition for a more secure fit in extreme whitewater conditions.

Skirt Fit

There are many features to consider when choosing a spray skirt. The tunnel is the section that secures around your torso, and it can vary in style and height (neoprene or adjustable strap). Some skirts have neoprene tunnels for a snug fit while others have an adjustable strap with shoulder straps to aid adjustment of both sides.

Firm Deck Fit

This feature can be a helpful one as it is designed to keep the rim of your skirt tight around the cockpit, like guy lines on tents. This will prevent water from pooling on top and causing you trouble in case any leaks occur.

Remember this may work better for nylon spray skirts due to their looser nature compared with other materials used by most brands today that are more rugged or thicker than nylons which do not hold up so well against heavy wind conditions.


Waterproof pockets on your kayak’s spray skirt are a useful feature if you’re paddling in moderate conditions or touring.

If it has waterproof pockets, you can have easy access to some of the essentials like keys and wallets. However, not all skirts are waterproof; there might be mesh-based pockets that dry more quickly.

Best Spray Skirts For Kayaks Reviews

1. SEALS Coastal Tour Sprayskirt (Best Overall)

Our Top Pick
SEALS Coastal Tour Sprayskirt

SEALS Coastal Tour Sprayskirt

  • Spray protection for moderate paddling conditions
  • Zippered mesh deck pocket
  • Tensioned deck stay
  • Adjustable neoprene waistband with removable suspenders
  • Medium-weight coated nylon packcloth with Ballistic nylon wear guards with lash loops

The Seals Coastal Tour is designed for a dry and comfortable paddling experience. The deck and tube are made of nylon, while the waist features neoprene construction.

It comes with removable suspenders, ballistic nylon wear guards, and a pocket on the front side that you can use to store small items like your phone or wallet safely without worrying about them getting wet.

2. Seals Tropical Tour Kayak Cockpit Sprayskirt (Best Color & Design)

The Seals Coastal Tour Spray Skirt is a good choice for moderate water conditions, probably sea kayaking and touring.

It’s made from durable, medium-weight coated nylon packcloth which comes in bright yellow color to make visibility better when you are out on the open water.

This spray skirt has many beneficial features that you may appreciate. The adjustable neoprene chest band and the shoulder straps are some of these useful qualities. If they’re not needed, the latter can be easily removed.

The tensioned deck will help to keep water from pooling in your boat while paddling, keeping it lightweight and free-flowing even when exposed to messy weather conditions or choppy waters.

3. Seals Extreme Tour Spray Skirt Ver II (Best Whitewater Spray Skirt)

The Seals Extreme is made from neoprene, which will prove beneficial considering the clingy nature of this material. It also delivers warmth and allows breathing room for your skin.

The 4mm thickness of the spray deck is great because it enhances durability. The suspenders keep this kayak skirt intact while you are on the board.

The Extreme Tour kayak is equipped with a band on its end that secures the spray skirt to the rim of your cockpit. This will help you keep it in place when using it and then remove it afterward, too.

4. Attwood 11776-5 Kayak Nylon Spray Skirt (Best Budget Option)

The Attwood Universal Kayak Spray Skirt is a durable skirt that makes sure your body stays dry while you kayak. The adjustable bungee cord allows the fit to be customized for any cockpit rim up to 40 inches long and 22 inches wide, as well as an adjustable tunnel-side bungee cord that can adjust around your torso so no water seeps in.

This waterproof kayak skirt is great for paddling in light conditions, but I would not recommend it for whitewater.

It has a grab handle to help you exit quickly and PVC sealed seams that keep the water out.

The Attwood Universal Kayak Spray Skirt is a great choice if you’re on a budget.

5. Seals Sea Sprite Spray Skirt

This neoprene and nylon spray skirt is a high-performance skirt that has been designed with the sit-inside kayak in mind and different sizes available to suit your needs. It is suitable for moderate to extreme paddling conditions.

It features a 4mm neoprene deck with a three-layered breathable and waterproof nylon tunnel. The 3-inch neoprene transition between the deck and tunnel is great. There’s also an adjustable neoprene chest band for added support.

This Sea Sprite spray skirt has many great features. One of these is its 3/8 inch bungee rim attachment, sealed seams, and a grab loop with a safety whistle.

Another feature that I really like about this product is how adjustable and removable suspenders are; they can help you achieve a more secure fit when kayaking in strong winds.

Overall, it’s one of the best spray skirts one can find on the market.

6. Perception Kayak Sun Shield Half Spray Skirt

Another addition, what we may call a half-spray skirt that doesn’t fit around your waist. It just gets attached to the cockpit rim like any other spray skirt.

This sit-inside kayak half skirt is durable and fits snugly on the cockpit rim, and acts as a sun shield specifically for your legs.

It’s made of urethane-coated nylon construction for ultimate durability and features a rear bungee rand to make it easy to put on or take off. Protect your legs this season from sun and water splashes with Perception Kayak Sun Shield.

7. Harmony Gear Fusion Sprayskirt

Next on our list of best kayak spray skirts is Harmony Gear Fusion. It is an extremely durable product made from a combination of nylon with a polyurethane coating to ensure that the spray skirt lasts long.

This spray skirt is comfortable and durable. Its nylon makes it waterproof, while its double-stitched seams increase the lifespan of this product as well as reinforce that feature.

Furthermore, adjustable cords are included to keep your tunnel in place for a better experience on the water.


Do I need a spray skirt for my kayak?

You may want to forego a sprayskirt when the air and water are warm because you might feel stuffy inside your sit-in kayak. However, if the waves become too choppy, it’s important that you wear one so as not to destabilize or swamp your boat with water.

Why do you need a kayak skirt?

When you are kayaking, it is important to keep water out of your boat. If there is too much water in the boat while kayaking, buoyancy will decrease and make capsizing more likely. Also if the temperature of the water is cold then paddling won’t be as fun without a wetsuit on. A skirt essentially seals off any holes for preventing most of this from happening which makes wearing one essential when going underwater