11 Reasons Why Kayak Fishing Is So Popular

In recent years, kayak fishing has only grown in popularity. Many fishermen have traded in their old fishing boats and opted for this quieter fishing experience. So what exactly makes kayak fishing so popular? 

Kayak fishing is so popular because of its extreme portability and the fact it can more easily maneuver in difficult-to-fish spots than boats. Additionally, kayak fishing is more cost-effective since it requires no fuel and little upkeep. Plus, it’s more eco-friendly than regular boat fishing. 

In the rest of this article, I will discuss why kayak fishing is so popular and why you need to pick it up if you haven’t already. So if you want to learn more about why this sport has grown so much in popularity, read on. 

Kayak fishing is popular for a variety of reasons

1. You Can Fish Spots Boats Can’t Reach

The main thing that sets kayak fishing apart from regular boat fishing is its ability to reach fishing holes that boats simply can’t. Kayaks are ideal because they are small and can easily be maneuvered in small, hard-to-reach spaces. Additionally, these vessels are more portable, meaning you can pull them in and out of the water as needed to reach the ultimate fishing spot. 

Additionally, you can take a kayak to all sorts of watering holes like:

  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Rivers
  • Oceans

The kayak’s versatility allows you to fish anywhere you’re comfortable, whether saltwater or freshwater. 

2. Kayak Fishing Is Peaceful

Another reason kayak fishing is so popular is how peaceful the whole experience is. Because kayaks aren’t motor powered, the tranquil silence of nature is seldom broken. As a result, you get to soak up the sun and listen to the sounds of the world around you uninterrupted. Plus, you’re so close to the water’s edge that you can enjoy watching the beautiful world below. 

3. They’re More Cost Effective

Kayak fishing is much more cost-effective than purchasing and maintaining a traditional boat. Not having to purchase fuel for your vessel also significantly reduces its usage cost. Generally, you can purchase a kayak for at least half the price of a regular fishing boat. 

Plus, you can easily buy an inflatable kayak (which is cheaper) if you don’t have the space to haul a plastic one. Not to mention, kayaks frequently go on sale around the holiday seasons like Christmas and Memorial Day. 

Do you know why kayak paddles are expensive? I discussed the answer in another article. Read it to find out the reasons.

4. Kayaks Are Lower Maintenance 

As for kayak maintenance, these vessels need to be: 

  • Rinsed after use: Rinsing is essential for removing unwanted dirt and grime. Cleaning your kayak ensures water lines don’t build up on your vessel. Additionally, rinsing keeps unwanted water life from growing on your kayak. 
  • Drained: Only some kayak models have a drain feature, but those require you to let the water out that has built up in the kayak. Additionally, letting out water pooled in your kayak is a good idea. 
  • Stored somewhere out of the sun: Sunlight is the number one enemy of kayaks that are made of plastic. If stored in the harsh sun, your kayak will quickly degrade and need replacing. 

A well-cared-for kayak will easily last years and seldom experience a problem, especially if you invest in a high-end model. However, you can easily go the cheaper route and still get plenty of good use from a cheaper kayak model. 

5. They Have a Lower Eco Impact

Another benefit of kayak fishing over regular boat fishing is its lower eco-impact. Kayak fishing is more ecologically sound because it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels for its movement or other chemicals. But on the other hand, kayaking is entirely man powered and, therefore, less impactful on nature and the overall planet. 

6. Kayaks Are More Portable

The portability of a fishing kayak is one of the most significant assets for this kind of fishing. Kayaks are easily hauled with small vehicles, provided you secure them properly. They can easily be carried into hard-to-reach fishing locations without much effort. 

Many fishermen hike into their spots, dragging or carrying their vessels. An inflatable kayak makes this a little easier, but even the large plastic ones are also much more portable than traditional fishing vessels. 

7. They’re Simple To Store

Besides being extremely portable, kayaks are incredibly easy to store, so long as you keep them out of the sun. Because of their small size, you won’t have to pay to have them stored in storage yards or have them take up too much space in your garage. 

Typically kayaks are hung from garage ceilings or covered and secured somewhere outdoors. 

Again, if you have an inflatable kayak, the vessel can easily be stored in an indoor closet or on a shelf. 

8. Easy To Place and Remove From Water

As I briefly stated, kayaks are much easier to move around, including placing and pulling them from the water. There is no truck to back up to get the boat into the water. You just set the kayak in the water and hop in. 

To remove a kayak, you only need to be dragged onto shore and returned to your vehicle to head home. There is no need to spend time carefully lining up a boat trailer when you’re ready to call it a day; drag and put the thing back in your car. 

9. Improved View of the Water

Another reason so many enjoy kayak fishing is the increased visibility of the water this kind of fishing brings. In a kayak, you’re close to the water’s surface and can more easily see what’s going on beneath the water. This added visibility is a huge benefit for the average fisherman and aids in catching more fish. 

10. Great for Your Health 

Kayak fishing forces you to get out and move. Staying active has vast benefits for your health, even if you are rowing a kayak out to your favorite fishing hole. The fresh air and sunlight are also fantastic for your physical and mental well-being. The peace and quiet also won’t hurt your mental state. 

Other awesome health benefits of kayak fishing include:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Improved cardiovascular system
  • Increased strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • More vitamin D

11. The Community Is Close Knit 

Finally, the kayak community is incredibly close-knit. You can find resources, forums, and pages where you can interact with other kayak fishers. The community is upbeat and an excellent way to make friends with mutual interests. These incredible people are always ready to answer a kayak fishing question. 

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